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Regardless of the size or scope of your project – from luxury homes to commercial complexes – EcoFoam Of Florida has the cutting edge insulation application for you
Before any construction begins we will provide a code compliant Energy calculations for all new homes under construction free of charge.
Thermal insulation (including spray foam): Spray foam solutions are right for Northern Florida’s climate
Tomorrow’s Insulation is available today! As energy costs increase, spray foam Insulation is an attractive Insulation solution for both commercial and residential building projects. Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) stops air and moisture intrusion, cuts energy bills, strengthens the structure, and protects the internal air from mold, airborne pollutants, and allergens, thereby creating healthy buildings. Spray foam products enhance the total building envelope to provide sustainability, durability, energy efficiency, and improved occupant comfort.

We are certified to install several foam-manufacturers’ products and their various types of spray foam Insulation including open cell (OC), closed cell (CC), and Eco-friendly foams made from renewable resources.
With smart, responsible spray foam Insulation choices, you can build more energy-efficient homes and commercial buildings. Spray foam Insulation is the smart choice whether you are a homeowner, general contractor, builder/remodeler, or architect.

EcoFoam Of Florida is certified to install the following types of blown-in Insulation and more:
Blown-In-Blanket Systems (BIBS) – Certified BIBS Contractor

Blown-in attic Insulation – Offering commercial and residential builders a choice of cellulose and fiberglass products

Cellulose – Applications for walls, ceilings, dense pack or spray applied
Cellulose – Fire Rated Material for 2-hour walls
Air Sealing
One of our newest applications, air sealing offers an inexpensive solution to meet today’s demanding energy codes and the requirements for blower-door testing. Air sealing applications are a great solution for new or existing construction. We offer multiple solutions, and will provide the method that best meets your needs.

Structural Foam Blocks- We provide EPS19 & EPS29 foam blocks for pool insulation on roofs of apartments and hotels to add structure and save weight.

Rigid Board Insulation

Batt & Blanket Insulation:
A sustainable resource, fiberglass batts and blankets offer a traditional, cost-effective solution. In addition, we offer specialty products including recycled denim cotton batts and pre-engineered metal building blanket Insulation (MBI). 

Fiberglass insulation: Acoustic insulation provides exceptional sound-proofing for your Northern Florida building projects
When considering new construction and renovation, the importance of acoustics cannot be overlooked. An office complex housing several businesses must have sound proofing for enhanced productivity and professional atmosphere. Acoustics can define spaces like schools, restaurants, gymnasiums, convention centers, and warehouses.
In addition to offering fiberglass Insulation for acoustical benefits, EcoFoam Of Florida is one of the few contractors in Northern Florida certified to spray K-13 acoustical and thermal Insulation.

    Developed over 60 years ago, K-13 is a spray-applied exposed finish that goes over virtually any substrate. K-13 is made of 80% recycled paper and combined with a water-based glue, making it able to contribute valuable LEED points to a project. Additionally, K-13 is FM and UL certified.
The cellulose fibers of K-13 absorb sound rather than reflecting it, effectively reducing noise to make conversations and even music more intelligible and generally improving ambient sound quality. Acoustic Insulation is perfect for a wide variety of building projects including restaurants, sports facilities, classrooms, worship centers, parking garages, and convention centers.
Firestopping is a requirement for all commercial and multi-family residential buildings in the U.S. It involves the sealing of joints and other openings in a fire-resistant wall or floor. Firestopping is a necessary component of fire protection because without it flames would spread through these openings, and any fire-resistant walls would be rendered useless.

After construction of the new project is completed we can provide a BPI certified Blower door test on the building.
EcoFoam Of Florida has the right solution for your residential or commercial building project. Contact us to discuss your projects as part of your design team – and for a quote.